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Site Name: LogoOff - Template Studio
Site URL:
Site Genre: It's not nuclear physics, we doing themes for SMF(simplemachines forum) at most.
Site CMS:Platform of site is SMF and Tiny Portal.

We doing themes for SMF and we call ourselves the Logooff Studio and publishes of professional products. In our studio you can find lots of free and premium themes please visit us and and see.

Our team is made of professional theme designers and theme testers with years of experience.

There is also our support forum where Premium members and Customers have more private boards where they can ask us for help. We have also free themes support boards which are public and available for regular members and guests.

Some of sections I would like to present are:

and lots more...

Personal feedback about the site:
Likes: I like it because it's unique.  :)
Dislikes: We do not have some fancy options like separation of free or premium themes argh..

I want to thank all friends for support and promote us!  :)

EDIT: Links longer valid.

Thanks, rocknroller!

Guys, their themes are awesome! Go check them out. ;)

Nice, I have thought about making themes myself but don't know how profitable that may be. Also I am no graphic designer and all themes sold would have to have original graphics. However though I know I can add unique features through code into the themes that no other theme will have.

Anyways those are some nice themes in there.

Thank you gentlemen :)

LogoOff has released Nova v1.19. You can get it at the forum or at SMF. ;)


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