SMF+TP login goes to forum instead of staying on home page

Started by Ron Austin, April 01, 2012, 01:21:13 AM

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Ron Austin

I recently downloaded SFM and after a few days I found and downloaded Tiny Portal too.  I haven't quit got the hang of TP, but I have noticed that when I go to my site I see the TP front page but when I log in I am taken to the Forum.  Low and behold, when I joined your site I see it does the same thing.

Is there some way to prevent this so people stay on the front page after they log on?


Hi, Ron Austin. Welcome to Doc Skillz! :)

Go to TinyPortal Admin by clicking the Tinyportal link in the main menu. Then on the left side of the screen, go to "Settings & Frontpage" -> "Settings" -> "How to redirect after login:". Change that setting to "Redirect to frontpage". That's it. :)

You mentioned that you've recently downloaded SMF. I'd like to suggest that you take some time to learn the various features of SMF before installing any mods...if you have not done so already. Some SMF mods will change SMF dramatically to the point where you may not know what part is the mod and what part is from the original SMF.

Taking time to learn SMF first will save you a lot of headaches down the road. The reason is you'll be able to figure out any problems that come up more easily. I suggest that you create a test forum to play with to learn SMF and you can install mods and themes without messing up your main forum. You'll also be able to foresee any problems that may screw up your main forum before you try it there. Please read this article:

Creating A SMF Test Forum

Ron Austin

Thanks for the reply Skhiled.  That fixed it.

I installed wamp and have a test site on my own computer and I have a real site as well.  On the real site my index.php just says "under construction"  but I can point my browser to the directory where SMF is at so I can develop the site.  I didn't see any templates that I liked in my web-builder program so I jumped on Tiny Portal when I saw it. 

I have tried a few different SMF templates but I haven't downloaded any mods except the TP.

I think the combination of SMF and TP will work well for a newbie like me.


I responded to the topic you posted at TP. I assumed you were talking about a design for a TP frontpage only. LOL

If you have the space and control of your server it is best to put the test site there...just in a different directory. Most web servers will have things that you may not have on your wamp server and you may get different results.

It is best to try and get the themes you want first before installing any mods. Any mods you install will find the themes and install the proper code to them. If you install the mods first, you may have to manually add a mod's code to make it work with any themes you add later.