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If you have any links, tutorials, etc. about running websites and servers, php and html editors, themes, SMF, help sites, etc. please make a separate topic or put your links under the appropriate thread. Please stay on topic and no bickering...just the links. I don't want this board to have 10 posts of opinions and 1 or 2 links. Makes it more difficult for new users to sort through.

I'd like this to have a few good links and we'll keep the best ones after reviewing them...maybe this is read only for users and guests and they can pm the staff with their link, etc. Links by users will be subject to approval.

If you do not have a link in your post it will be removed. Duplicates will also be removed.

All of these sites are reputable. You will have to go to that site for help, questions, support, etc.

If any site is giving bad service or needs to be removed, please make a post in the "General Discussion" board.  :)

Links presented here are in no particular order.


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