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There are a lot of ways (as well as apps/programs) to capture screenshots. However, it is very tricky to do this AND capture the cursor in the screenie. Here's a tool that can do that. After the capture it will open a dialog box asking which program you wish to open it in like paint, photoshop, etc. It's a pretty cool tool!

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--- Quote from: Ken on July 13, 2019, 09:11:21 PM ---Currently, I'm using the Snipping Tool by Microsoft and it's good but this one sounds promising so me gonna try it.  :thumbup:

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I've been giving it a go and do find it's extra features useful so it will be my fulltime screen capture app time for now.

Yes, it is very useful! I really like that after you capture something it opens a menu so you can choose your fav app to put it in.


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