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I just found this browser and installed it. So far, it works well! It has good privacy features, themes, addons, a nice look and good features! You can import bookmarks, logins, etc. from any currently installed browser.

Here's the help pages"

The Bookmarks even has a Trash Folder. If you delete a bookmark it adds it to the Trash folder!  :ohmy2:

This has been updated a few times since I've originally posted this topic. They are now at v2.2.1388.34 and have a really great feature called "Session Management". :)

Thanks for the tip. Will try it out.  ;D

Vivaldi got another update:

The updates keep getting better and better!!!

This update to v3.5 has a lot of goodies!

1.  Improved tab control and managing of tabs.

2.  Media playback improvements

3.  Easy sharing of URLs with QR Codes

4.  Menu customization

5.  Single Key Shortcuts improvements

6.  New accept-language setting

7.  Other additions...

See the full story here:


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