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Adding Member Group Badges

Need to know how to add some cool membergroup badges?

1.  Upload the badge images to /Themes/default/images using FTP or cPanel's File Manager. If you have multiple themes you must upload them to all themes for them to show in each theme. Change /default/ to the name of your other themes.

2.  Go to Admin -> Members -> Membergroups -> Edit Membergroups.

3.  Click "Modify" on the membergroups you wish to have a new badge. You will be taken to a page where you can modify that group's settings.

4.  Near the bottom of the settings, change "Number of star images:" to "1"...or you will have multiple badges.

5.  In "Star image filename:", enter the name of the image the badge for that membergroup. You must do this part for each membergroup. Remember, you must type in the name of the badge image EXACTLY as it is even if it has capital letters or it will not work! Linux server will see "FileName.jpg" as a different file from "filename.jpg". If you do it correctly, you will see the little red block at the right change to your new badge after you click save.

6.  Click "Save" to see your new membergroup badge.
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