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Security and Moderation Settings Pt. 3

3.  Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Security and Moderation -> Moderation:
* Note - setting any of the following numbers to zero will disable that particular settings for all users, not just any one particular user. Therefore, it is always best to adjust a specific user's setting as needed.
Warning level for user watch - The user warning level after which a user watch is put in place. The number here is represented in percentages. Every time you add or remove a level, the amount will increase or decrease, respectively. Set this to zero to disable.
Warning level for post moderation - When a user's warning level is set higher than the number you have set here all of their posts must be approved by a moderator or higher. This is particularly useful if you have a user that is making posts that are not to your liking. Every one of that user's posts must be approved before they are seen in the forum be other users. Set this to zero to disable.
Warning level for user muting - The level at which a user is no longer allowed to post at all! They are still allowed to read and search posts. Set this to zero to disable.
Maximum user warning points per day - This setting is for the amount of points a moderator can give in a 24 hour period. Useful if you have a new or overzealous moderator. Set this to zero for no limit.
Warning points to decrement from users every 24 hours - This amount will automatically be removed from a user's warning level. It only applies to users who have not been warned within the last 24 hours. Set this to zero to disable.
Users who can see warning status - This determines who can see the warning level of users on the forum. "Watched" will be put under the user's name in the user's post profile. you can set this to "Moderators Only", "Moderators and Warned Users", or "All Users".
Setting this to "All Users" may have undesirable effects. It will embarrass and annoy the user who may cause more problems because everyone can see it. Other users may ridicule or harass the user. For some users, the embarrassment of this setting may keep them in line as well as others who see it and not wish it to happen to them. Use your judgement wisely.
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