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Core Features

Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Core Features and enable the following, these will be explained in detail:
  • Moderation, Administration, and User Logs.
  • Post Moderation
  • Report Generation
  • Warning System
Moderation, Administration, and User Logs - This setting will turn on the logs for each of these so you can keep track of what is going on and have a record of it. Moderation will log all moderation actions of users and the staff that implemented them. Administration will track all admin and staff actions when using the admin section of SMF. User logs will log user actions.
These can help determine who, what, where, when, and how something happened and is much easier than reading the server logs.
Post Moderation - gives you the ability to moderate users' posts. For instance, you can not allow a certain user to make posts until you approve them.
Report Generation - allows you to create reports on a variety of things to help make things easier than searching by normal means.
Warning System - works in conjunction with Post Moderation. Allows you to warn users invisibly (only staff can see) or openly (everyone can see including the warned user). This is useful for keep track of suspected trouble makers if you do it invisibly. You can also do it openly to let others know that the user is a trouble maker which will also embarrass that user as well.
Updated Sept. 07, 2011
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