Html5 and arcade?

Started by thedukeisnotdead, November 14, 2020, 12:04:31 PM

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With The end of adobe flash, is there a path for html5 games?

Will the older flash Games work as flash is phased out of our operating systems?



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The arcade has has HTML5 games working with it for awhile now. You can get the latest stable release (SMF Arcade v2.6.3) from the downloads here:;sa=view;down=50

Or you can go directly to the developer's site (Chen Zhen):


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I have launched a forum and i want to use this arcade option into my forum,


i got the next message when i want to play a game

Installing does not work.

What to do?

Is there anything i can do as webmaster or do i delete all the games and mod for arcade games from my forum?


Well, since Flash is going to be outdated, You'll need to make sure that you have the latest arcade. also, when you see that error you may have to update your version of the Flash Player for your browser to work with it. It may just be a browser issue. You'll also need to make sure javascript is enabled.

All of that being said, there is a new version being worked on that will play the old flash games as well as the HTML5 games. You'll have to the coder's site for updates:


at this moment the version i had is 2.64. But i got an error about flash..

I tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge, but all the same problem.

I had tried the gamepack 22, but nothing works :(


I just checked and the flash games on this site work for me. So, it is either something on your end or the arcade was possibly not installed correctly. Remember, just because you do not see any errors when installing a mod doesn't mean something went wrong. You may have to manually check to make sure all of the code is there as well as make sure the directories and files have the correct permissions for your server.

EDIT: Try playing one of the games here that is not HTML5 and see if they work because they are mostly flash.

Chen Zhen

Version 2.6.4 does not include the newer flash emulator plugin to play flash games.
This forum has the v2.6.5 release candidate because Skhilled is a beta/rc tester.

You will have to wait until I release v2.6.5 as stable for it to have the flash emulator.
In the meantime there are many HTML5 games available on my site which you can download as a member.


Ah! Now it makes sense. LOL I've been a bit out of the loop with the poisoning and all. LOL