SMF Arcade v2.55

Started by Skhilled, December 26, 2017, 02:21:39 AM

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It should upgrade the old one. But no matter what you do you won't lose your games unless you manually delete the game files of the database. You'll still have your games. :)


   It is done, and no trouble at all doing it. Thank you for the advise. I always like to check with you before deleting my whole board as I have in the past.  :hah: :rofl1: :blush:

Thanks [you] for reading my post


I've done it a few times myself! LOL


Quote from: Chen Zhen on January 14, 2018, 08:00:21 PM

It should go fine as long as you uninstall plus delete the old version first and then upload plus install the newer version.
I still need to do some minor template adjustments that I noticed.

Today I bit the bullet and tried upgrading my arcade.  Didn't quite go as well as I'd hoped. 

Uninstalled:  Skin/PDL for Arcade RC2 and then SMF Arcade 2.5

Then installed: SMF Arcade 2.56.11

All went well and no install errors, visited arcade and even played a game.  Thought I'd try and switch to a different layout for the games. Think I changed the "Select List Type" but can't remember what to.  Anyway on going back to the arcade the Games are not displayed, just a game search.  And where they should be showing it says "No games available for playing"  Can't get the list of games to display at all, but can play them if I search.


Hi Mick. Did you get the download from here or Chen's site? I haven't upgraded to the latest in the downloads here just yet.  Going to do that now.


Hi mate.  I got from Chen's site, but think it's sorted now, I believe he replicated the issue and fixed it in the new beta which I'm testing now. Seems fine apart from a couple of missing images.  Still testing atm, and trying to upgrade all sites ready to increase my php version.  I'm still on 5.6  :whistle: