Unable to upload and install games

Started by milenyals, October 06, 2018, 10:22:10 AM

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Why is that every time I go to Arcade Admin --> Games --> Manage Uploads and then browse the game nothing happens:

I installed the latest one: SMF-Arcade-v2.56.10x

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi milenyals and welcome to Docskillz! :)

I see that you have a custom theme installed on your site. See if it works using the default SMF Curves theme. If it does then something may be missing from the custom theme you are using. I always tell people to make sure mods work with Curves first then you'll know if a problem is theme-related or not.

Also, you didn't specify what types of games you are trying to upload and their file size, which may have something to do with it.