Daily Challenge?

Started by Eyecu, November 26, 2017, 02:45:30 PM

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New to smf and smf arcade in general, so excuse me if this should be obvious. But how do you create a daily challenge. I'm looking at ways to get community members more involved and think a daily challenge would be a good way to do it.



No question is too obvious here. I'm usually the first one to overlook the obvious. LOL

You have enable the Arena in the Arcade Settings. Then you can challenge people. However, if they do not have notifications enabled for it in their profile they may not noticed that they have been challenged.


Ah ok I see how it works now. I thought a daily challenge would be like setting up a general challenge to all members on a game. Thanks for the clarification on how that works :D


Yes, one would normally think that but it's not. Not a bad idea for a future version...