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Started by beast, January 14, 2017, 09:32:52 AM

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  If one has say 1000 games download to his hard drive. If he put a x amount of games in diff folders. Went into his FTP. How many folders could he upload and install safely at one time? Or could he have say 20 games in a folder and upload the folder and install them on his arcade installer?

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Good question... This actually depends on your hosting's settings but you should be able to upload as many files/folders as you wish as long as you don't go over your bandwidth. You have plenty so that wouldn't be a problem.

The problem may be how many you can install at one time which also depends on your hosting's settings. You can try 20 and if it does not work then dial it down 5 at a time until it does work.

You should also want to monitor how much space you are using on the server so you don't go over what you have.