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Forum Guidelines

These Forum Guidelines are designed to get you started with using and enhancing your experience with Doc Skillz articles/tutorials as well as using this site. Here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. When posting for help, please include the title of the tutorial/article, your SMF Forum version (found at the bottom of any forum page), and any mods you have installed such as SMF Arcade or TinyPortal. We will also need to know any specific error messages or other relevant information, in detail. Explain the steps you took immediately before the problem appeared. You need to help us so we can help you.


  2. PLEASE, start your own topic for your individual problem. Although you may have a similar problem as someone else the solution may be very different. This will make searching easier and help sort out specific problems with specific users. It will also make things less confusing for new users reading those topics and posts.


  3. Always use the search feature first! It will save you and us a lot of time. When searching, please, do so from the front page or choose the "Forum" option. The search engine will start searching from the page you are on and go down from there. Starting from the front page  or forum means you will be searching the entire site and will most likely to find what you seek.


If you cannot find the information you are searching for then please ask. We will not answer questions if we can clearly see that someone didn't take the time to do this. Blatant disregard for this may lead to your topics being locked, your queries not answered, or other actions being taken.

4. Please, do not post or attach any programs whatsoever without being asked to do so by a staff member. Doing this will constitute as a download. There are usually terms and agreements about other sites posting or allowing downloads of certain software. Also, do not post links to warez, serialz, cracks, porn, etc. This will get you an IMMEDIATE ban. If you are in doubt, ALWAYS ASK FIRST.

5. Do not demand that the staff must do something for you. Exercise patience when waiting for a response and show courtesy to the staff and other users. Do not cross-post the same questions/problems across multiple topics. You are not the only one who needs help. Just because you see a staff member online doesn't mean that he/she knows the answer to your question at this time. This person may also be very busy or away from the keyboard. Doc Skillz articles and tutorials are given freely to everyone. We are all volunteers here and have a life outside of here and will not tolerate this.

6. Above all...make backups before making ANY and ALL changes to your site!!! This cannot be stressed enough! Keep a fresh copy of your forum, database, and any mod files for your version. Also, keep a separate backup of your edited files and your database. This will save you a lot of time and headaches. With these, you can easily restore your site if something unexpected happens.

7. Creating a separate site for testing is always a great idea. In this way, you can try to solve any problems on the test site rather than screwing up your live site. We suggest that the test site be an exact duplicate of your live site with the same smf version, themes, and all mods installed. This also includes any edited or modified files. However, you do not have to have any users registered on your test.

8. Please, DO NOT PM (Personal Message/Private Message) the staff for support unless asked to do so. Openly posting your questions, problems, etc. will ultimately help all users who may need it. You are allowed to PM the staff if what you require is a paid or private matter.

9. Spamming will not be tolerated! Please, do not make these kinds of posts. You have been warned. We will report spammers to their ISP and to the company who hosts their site(s). You are also taking the risk of being immediately banned here and on other SMF sites as well as having you hosting account terminated.

10. Multiple accounts are not allowed unless you can give a very good reason.

11. Disposable email addresses are NEVER allowed and will be cause for an immediate ban!

12. ALWAYS take the time to read the frontpage. It contains the most
important and current information concerning the Doc Skillz site. Our
aim is to help you understand and run your forum with the minimum of
hassle and following these guidelines will help us achieve this.

The Doc Skillz Staff

UPDATED: Jan. 28, 2012


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Doc Skillz

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