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G'day from Brissie !


Yep, I am Aussie - from Brisbane in Queensland.

I have heaps of hobbies I can't afford but at the moment managing an SMF forum is one of the most... interesting :)

That forum is running SMF 2.0.15 happily and I won't be upgrading to 2.1 until at least the release version of RC1 has been, umm, released !

I am considering starting another forum on a different topic and staring off with 2.1 as per the nightly GitHub versions... 
 I blame bigguy from WUB for this !  :)  (even though he didn't tell me to do it. Gotta blame someone right?)

In any event, hello everyone !  :cheers:

Hey, landyvlad! Great you see you again! Welcome aboard! :)

I blame bigguy for everything too. LOL I've installed a 2.1 test forum to see what's going on but no sense in doing anything with it until there's a RC1 version, because they'll just keep making too many changes. Bigguy can code a bit better than I so he can run a forum using the nightly builds and can fix a number of things himself. I prolly can do it but am usually too busy trying to build a hosting business.


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