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Sir Rob [from Oz]:
Hi everyone.

I am looking for Skhilled who helped scilla migrate her forum.

scilla's old forum :

migrated to :

No one has heard from scilla for close on 3 weeks and her forum shows this :

--- Quote ---Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at
--- End quote ---

If Skhilled see this please email Me and let Me know if you have phone contact with scilla please.

If this is not the right place for posting I apologies

Hey Sir Rob! Good to see you again.

Sorry, but I haven't heard from her since maybe a few months after I helped her. I did get an email from the site about 2 months or so ago about someone registering. However, I've not spoken to her. Sorry, I can't be more of a help to you. I only had her email addy.

Sir Rob [from Oz]:
Thank for getting back to Me. :) Much appreciated. Good to hear from you. Seems I eventually came to the right place to find you. :)

Are you able to reactivate her site at all?



Nope, looks like she either had the site suspended by the hosting or closed it. She didn't mention anything about closing it?

EDIT: I just checked and from what I can tell she hasn't lost the domain name so the problem has to be with the hosting or the files on the server. I no longer have access to it, tho.

Sir Rob [from Oz]:
I have done some research and found the host site is
Yesterday and today I have been in chat with them.

Does this help?

It appears that there is issue with settings or the script under the forum page.

and this

The domain is under ICANN Verification so we will send en email to domain owner email address to verify domain name

Once it is verified, domain will get it activated

This is  a site that may help.

I do understand your concern that you would  like to get access to account

I suggest you to submit ownership form to get access to account and to verify domain

Naturally I do not have the paperwork that is required!!


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