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  If I want to upgrade my SP, do I install the upgrade and then uninstall the old one or how do I go about that?


You should always uninstall the old one first. Then install the new one, especially this version from what I've read on their forum. Some mods will allow you to just install the new one on top of the old one but there are very few mods that will do that. It is always best to uninstall the old first.

Most mods will not delete the data from the database. This is where the info and settings you've added will be. This way you will not lose anything and when you reinstall or upgrade you should have the same settings and info as before unless there is a drastic change in the newer version.


  Ok, let me get this strait. Uninstall the old one. NOT delete it. Install the new one. Then delete the old one?

Yes, you can delete the old one after uninstalling it. Deleting it will only remove it from the Packages listing whether it is installed or not.

As far as upgrading mods go, when there is an upgrade you should always go to the forum and read what is new and what changes have been made to it. There should also be any special install/uninstall instructions as well. If you do not see any, ask! Better safe than sorry. :)

Another good thing to do is to read the associated topic at SMF. Other users will be quick to point out if there are any problems with a mod. You should do this BEFORE attempting to uninstall or install any mod.

Knowing about problems ahead of time can possibly save you a lot of headache. LOL


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