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I screwed up somewhere? Need Help

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I installed a old version of a christmas skin, it worked and looked good so I made it default for all members. Now when I was reinstalling the mod.'s one called for a code change, so I went into the cPanel and made the code change and then got an error [Unable to load the 'main_above' template.]

Not thinking, my dumb, I deleted that theme skin. The forum went down.

I need to make the smf default skin default again.

Someone said to download new theme files, this is where I need help with..Not sure how to do this.

I got it back up and running good.

BUT I can't seem to secure it, I have reinstalled the key the certificates.

What is happening.

Prolly a link to an unsecured image or something.


--- Quote from: Skhilled on December 10, 2020, 10:32:14 AM ---Prolly a link to an unsecured image or something.

--- End quote ---

No I installed an old christmas skin from 1.1.7 it did go in b ut missing a lot. I was changing a code, and it didn't like it. I removed the skin forgetting it was now default.

So Kindred told me to use index-1 on the link and I got into the forum and changed the default skin to default.

My problem now is I can get the url secured. I tried evrything, just won't take.

Oh... Can't install any mods or themes from SMF 1.1.x to 2.0 or 2.1! You would need to remake the theme based on the version you are currently using for it to work.

I did see the post at SMFH that you've got it secured now. :)


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