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SSD in GPT Mode


Chen Zhen:

My HDD was having issues whereas everything was super slow to load up.
Even after transferring all important files to an external & reinstalling Windows it had the same issue therefore Imo it must have been HDD issues.
I saw the internal SATA Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD on sale recently & decided to pick one up.
I will never bother with mechanical HDD's ever again as the speed for load times is very fast using an SSD.

Also I will add that I originally had the free copy of Windows 10 pro as an upgrade to my Windows 7 pro but something was awry & I could not use the provided utilities to reinstall the OS.
However I was able to download the ISO from MIcrosoft & purchase a legit pro code from Amazon for $16.

If I have 2 internal SSD's then I should be able to install a dual boot of Windows 10 using the same code on both, correct?
Microsoft should only see the same IP & same MAC Address and all on the same computer anyway right?
I just want a backup in case something goes wrong with the main OS.
I do have Windows 7 Pro with a legit code that can be the backup but I don't see why I can't just use the same Windows 10 pro code for both.

SSD's are pretty fast! I have one I use for my main and two HDD for backup storage just because they are cheap and high capacity.

Honestly, I have not heard of a dual-boot for Win 10. Although, I have heard of it for separate versions in the past. But I've just done a little digging and you can dual boot multiple copies of Win 10 (or any version) as long as you have separate licenses for each or you'll violate the EULA. I've also read that they can tell if you are not running a legit copy but am not sure how that works or if they will actually spend the time to do so unless someone complains, etc. Who knows, it may be built into the coding now. I do know that when you try to install a version is will do a check to see if it is a legit copy or not.

Thanks, for the tip about the license on amazon. :)

Chen Zhen:

Ok I will just install Windows 7 Pro on the other internal ssd as a backup OS.
BTW for a free Windows app that can alter partitions to GPT mode I suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard.
There are many free partition tools but few of them have the option to change the mode to GPT (UEFI) unless you pay for a pro version.


Ah! That's good to know. :)


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