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Free Website Builder Software v 1.5! - v3+ Awesome ! updates


Website Builder Software v 1.5! - v3+ Awesome ! updates
latest 3.10.8

Mobirise v3.10   
* New theme DirectM
* Added Free images Library
* Updated FTP Uploader: SFTP, FTPS, FTP supported, bug fixes   
Mobirise v3.10.2   
* "Media size" control to easily resize images and videos in all themes (don't forget update your themes)
* "Code Editor" extension update: now you can still edit text blocks and buttons visually with unlocked HTML editor
* Free image Library added to sliders, galleries and backgrounds
* Bug fixes for themes, FTP, GitHubget it here and now >>

Just wait till you see your job live with this fantastic free program! I started with version 1.5 and it's now 3.10+

You can Publish the finished HTML site to your PC / Mac, then use it for an intro to your main site with the links to you various forum section or boards.


When I get a chance I'll pay with it. I've already downloaded it. Thanks! :)


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