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Started by Skhilled, March 17, 2020, 09:04:45 AM

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It is Mail In A Box:

I created a VPS so I can have my own email server and not rely on the free services like gmail, yahoo, etc. that only give it to you for free to steal your info. I have full control and no one can read my emails except me!  :evil_fire:

I've change it here and on on other sites. Will change it on all sites except for sites that I need for google for hosting. 

Chen Zhen

You can do this with Postifx using phpmail here on your OS.
You don't need a 3rd party to do this.
The DNS (ie. BIND9) settings have to be correct as well as your Postfix settings for it to work.
Does your host provide a DNS in its main control panel for all site traffic & RDNS settings?

The problem with 3rd party email services is some of what you just mentioned plus total per day & overall total limits.


This is an "all-in-one" software package that sets up everything up for you. It installs the following with 2 commands on a Ubuntu server:

QuoteMail-in-a-Box turns a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit machine into a working mail server by installing and configuring various components.

It is a one-click email appliance. There are no user-configurable setup options. It "just works".

The components installed are:

    SMTP (postfix), IMAP (dovecot), CardDAV/CalDAV (Nextcloud), Exchange ActiveSync (z-push)
    Webmail (Roundcube), static website hosting (nginx)
    Spam filtering (spamassassin), greylisting (postgrey)
    DNS (nsd4) with SPF, DKIM (OpenDKIM), DMARC, DNSSEC, DANE TLSA, and SSHFP records automatically set
    Backups (duplicity), firewall (ufw), intrusion protection (fail2ban), system monitoring (munin)

It also includes:

    A control panel and API for adding/removing mail users, aliases, custom DNS records, etc. and detailed system monitoring.

You can use as many email addresses and additional domains as you like. It has an admin and I can also setup other people with accounts using their own domains. Basically, I'm only restricted to what resources my server has. You do have SSH access to everything, can setup POP/SMPT email with your other devices, etc... I put it on a separate VPS away from everything else.

I've been wanting to do this for some time. I've been screwing around with various things but then Les found this and works great!

BTW, yes, my hosting does have a DNS in its main control panel for all site traffic & RDNS settings. Actually, I've been quite happy with them. The dedicated server is pretty cheap and works well.

Chen Zhen

I pay 11 Euro a month for a VPS.
Is it cheaper than that?


VPS' are installed on a dedicated server. The dedicated costs me around $40/month which is pretty cheap for one. But I can install as many VPS on it as I like or it can hold. I use Virtualizor software on the VPS which costs $9/month and lets me create unlimited VPS' on it.

We in turn sell VPS for these prices:

You can install whatever you like on the VPS as long as it's legal.