MS Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050

Started by Skhilled, August 11, 2017, 07:46:06 PM

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I was having lag issues with the new mouse I got a few months ago:

Logitech M510 Mouse

It worked great for awhile then had the same lag issues as the last one. I'm not sure if it's a MS or a Logitech issue but the have been a lot of complaints about Logitech lately...

So, I went to Best Buy got the a MS mouse figuring it would work better with Win 10. I ended up getting this keyboard/mouse combo. It is SO MUCH faster and more responsive than the Logitech! I actually had to slow down the cursor and the wheel scroll! There are 125 buttons on the keyboard and most are customizable within  the software. There are even keyboard shortcuts printed on the bottom of the buttons to make things easier. There are so many things it does it's a bit much to name them all!


Glad you found something that's working for you.


Thanks, it was driving me nuts for awhile. LOL