[FIX] Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Started by Ken., November 20, 2016, 11:21:22 AM

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Just found this fix for the Windows 10 updates issue... where in Windows 10 will download updates whenever it wishes and thereby causing a data disaster for those users (like me) who have metered connections.

How to Prevent Windows 10 From Automatically Downloading Updates
... these snips outline the required settings, the link above gives full detail on how this all plays out.
QuoteTo change this option, open the Settings app, head to Network & Internet > Wi-FI, and click "Manage Known Networks". Choose your Wi-Fi network and click "Properties". From there, enable the "Set as metered connection"

After enabling this option, Windows Update will say "Updates are available. We'll download the updates as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi, or you can download the updates using your data connection (charges may apply.)" By marking a connection as metered, you've tricked Windows into thinking it's a mobile data connection–for example, you might be tethering your PC to your smartphone. You can click the Download button to download and install updates at your leisure.

Enjoy... Ken.  :happy:
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Nice one, I don't use Windoze anymore personally, because I tend to yell at the machine after struggling to get the software to do stuff.

My uncle who yells at his machine with a limited amount of storage has the update problem, so this would benefit him greatly.

Thanks for the share.


Thanks, for the post, Ken. Was busy cooking yesterday and forgot all about it.

Glad it will help, nend. :)