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How To Force HTTP to HTTPS

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Great!  O0

Quick and easy!
Thanks for this new and useful tip Steve.  :happy:

Remember, that images, etc. may be linked from elsewhere that is not using secured SSL. Also, images should be hosted on the same server.

I found this modified version of repair_settings.php and change all links to https! I found the code fix on SMF:

EDIT: Almost forgot... They are working on a newer version of repair_settings.php and v2.0.14 which should address these things...hopefully. Not sure when it'll be released.

Yup! I think the modified repair_settings.php did the trick. But, it does help if you do not use an external "unsecured" server for images or files! They show make it so you will not see the green lock and saying the site is secured.

EDIT: Here's how to check your site to see if it's SSL and if there are any errors:

EDIT: A little more info...and I'll make a class on it or something later so all of this info is in one place...

While working on Ken's forum, I noticed that mods and links to them will make pages show as unsecured. If a mod has embedded unsecured links it will show as unsecured. If any links to the mod, such as a gallery, that contains unsecured links embedded in the code or even the link to the creator or the mod's site is unsecured all pages with links to or from the mod will show as unsecured.

This process seems to be a bit of a can of worms because of the external links that we have on our sites, especially externally linked images.


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