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Installing Gamedata Games

This is for those who wish to install games that contain a /gamedata directory to the SMF Arcade mod for SMF.

First things first... SMF Arcade DOES NOT install these types of game properly by default! You must make a few adjustments for them to work. You can also use a SMF Arcade hack called TAR Uploader or use Underdog's Arcade which has a built-in feature for this. The TAR Uploader is outdated and is not coded to work with SMF Arcade 2.0+. You must emulate it in order for it to work! Please see this article on emulating mods:

How To Emulate An Outdated Mod

If you install such a game via the SMF Arcade admin it will install everything into the /Games directory of your forum, as it does all other games. But these games need an additional directory added to your forum... /arcade. Note that this new directory is NOT a subdirectory of /Games (i.e., /Games/arcade) and that you must create it yourself if you are not using one of the arcade hacks mentioned above.

Extract the game into a directory on your hard drive. It will look similar to this:

After installing the game via the SMF Arcade admin, upload the entire contents game to the /arcade directory. So, in this example, you'll be uploading the entire contents of /magicstonev32Th/gamedata/magicstonev32Th to /arcade. You will then have /arcade/magicstonev32Th/gamedata/magicstonev32Th.

If you do not do this you will get an error stating that "the arcade cannot move directories and must be chmodded manually" or something similar. This is because the files are not there and the SMF Arcade does not currently have the features to do this. Also, if you do not do this correctly it is possible that you can get a blank screen on the "Install Games" and "Upload Games" sections of your arcade admin!

You can then delete individual files in the main /arcade/magicstonev32Th directory on your server (not your hard drive!) because they are not needed there. DO NOT delete any of the other files, especially in /arcade/magicstonev32Th/gamedata/magicstonev32Th!

Once these tasks are completed, the game should play and save scores. However, you WILL need to make sure that:

1.  The game filename (i.e, magicstonev32Th) is the same EXACTLY everywhere on the server AND in the individual game settings! any change in the filename will cause something to not work.

2.  You have the correct permissions set so your members can properly access the game. This includes SMF Arcade permission settings as well as SMF permission settings.

One last thing is that you must have the main files in /Games. This goes not include the /gamedata is not needed there:

After you install a game (any type of game) play it and make sure it saves scores and that you members can access it.
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