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Features and Options Settings

The green "Check" listing tells you what setting you should check or have ticked. The red "Uncheck" tells you what should be uncheck or have unticked.


1.  Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Features and Options -> General. Check: Enable who's online list - allows you to see who is doing what and where. Track daily statistics - tells you stats about your users. Track daily page views (must have stats enabled) - lets you know how many users were viewing specific pages.

(Optional) Uncheck: Allow users to edit their displayed name - you can keep a better track of who is who if they keep the same user name. Let them request it and keep a log of it somewhere so you and your staff know who is who. I suggest creating a "Changelog - Users" either in the admin or staff boards and keep it updated. Allow non-administrators to hide their online status - don't let others hide their online status or hide from others view. Admins can still see hidden users. (Optional)


1.  Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Features and Options -> Layout. Check: Show online/offline in posts and PMs - You can still see if someone is online by viewing any of their posts, if they have any. This seems more accurate than viewing Who's Online.

Updated - Sept. 07, 2011
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