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Started by nend, July 01, 2012, 10:09:29 PM

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Wrestle Topia is a wrestling site based on SMF with a unique style and feature set. The site has come a long way but still is a work in progress.

One of the sites aims is to stay completely legal and comply with all official pull request if there is any. Our sources are sources that allow the redistribution of content either by video, images or text. We want to be around for a long time so we are doing everything in our power to stay legal.

Some things that concern me is due to the unique layout I am afraid that people do not recognize it as a forum. I want user action going on there but haven't been able to stimulate it. Only one that is posting right now is myself, I have tried Post Loop out but to no success.

I have also allowed users to embed AdSense or AdBrite codes into topics they create to help stimulate more use by writers. This hasn't worked and when posted at SMF one comment was that it looked to be a act out of desperation. However I really do want writers to get compensated, why shouldn't they.

Currently I need more staff preferably that either watch wrestling or know a few things about it. I do have a GM but he has been offline for a while due to real life trouble.

So if you can even if you don't want to stay, register on the site. Then go through a few pages and shoot me a PM or make a post in the feedback section if anything in the site may be a concern in terms of usability.


Thanks in advance,

EDIT: Links removed...no longer valid.


Wow! That site sure isn't your usual SMF forum. Very different, in a nice way. :)

Unfortunately, I have not watched wrestling since the days of The Four Horsemen and The Legion of Doom. LOL But I'll still register and look it over. ;)


I was wondering on the front page, which one would you rather see "Recent Topics" or "Recent Post". I am conflicted here, I know they are tabs but which one should be the first tab showed by default?


Hmmm, I would think new users would go for topics and regular users for posts since they probably have already ready a lot of the topics.