A Monster

Started by beast, April 28, 2012, 07:15:16 AM

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  You have taught me so much it is be on belief. :bow: Never in my life would I believe I could of learn so much. BUT! You have created a MONSTER! :pullhair: I have set and wondered just what I could learn, that was simple where I could understand it, :banghead: for for the last week.  :dontknow: YOU! started this. I am having withdawrls, and need more things to learn. :groan: I am waiting to hear from you  :rofl1: :hah:

:nana: :cheers:
Thanks [you] for reading my post


LOL! Practice what you've already learned like building a test forum or moving one. You will be surprised to see that you will teach yourself a few things in the process. ;)

1.  Build a test forum then trash it then rebuild it.

2.  Move a test forum to a different subdirectory, make sure it works properly, then move it again and make sure it works properly.

3.  Practice manually installing a mod on a test forum...start with a small one with only a few edits.

4.  Create an empty datbase and import another db into it then export it and do it again.

5.  Go into phpmyadmin and browse a test forum's db. Play around with it and edit things. You'll soon start to see what tables hold which information. ;)