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Started by Ronald, March 26, 2012, 10:17:04 AM

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I would like to take this time to personally thank Steve  :bow: I came across Steve and his board awhile ago. I asked Steve for some help, he jumped in and corrected what was wrong, and found a zillion other errors at the same time..

After awhile and getting to know Steve on the Internet, I found out he also has my ex-wife's married name. Chatting awhile, we figured out we were not related in anyway. Long story..

But getting back to help, this weekend Steve took my board and reinstalled it plus the mod.'s and gallery, now it purrs like a kitten..

Thanks Steve for the help, and thank you Steve for being a good friend.. :pizza:


My site:


Thanks, Ron. Glad to help out. ;)


He wont be able to get his head out the door soon :rofl1:

BUt yes I agree he his a good bloke, I have known him for years :bow:


Soon??? It's stuck now!  :rofl1: You try typing with your head stuck in a doorway!

Thanks, bro. :)


I trusted Steve right from the beginning, not to many people around like Steve. Wonder if he is  :cooking:


Nope...I was napping. LOL


That forum is no longer in service...