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Started by william777, December 08, 2007, 08:11:11 PM

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Hi Skhilled, how do I

set the startup page from "Home" to Forum". When someone logs into my site,

the startup page is always "Home".
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Psalm 103


This is

because of the index.php or index.html that is in your site's root folder. It contains

the info to show the home or main page.

If you wish to show the forum when users

come to your site there are several ways to do this. The most common 2 are using redirects.

You can do this via your server or by adding code to your index file.

For the

server option go to cPanel, if you are using it, and click on "Redirects". You

can choose a url and then a folder to redirect it to.

For the code option you

can use the following code and save it as "index.php". Put this in the root

folder. If you have any other index files then rename then so they don't work and no

one will view them instead.


* Link longer valid."
Just change the

url to your site and the folder where your forum is. In your case, it should be:

Using this prevents you from

having to move your entire forum to the root folder. You can have multiple forums and just

change the redirect, if needed. You could also create a menu of links to the other forums

or links you want your users to go to.


Thanks Skhilled for

the detailed instructions ... much appreciated.
Bless the Lord, O my soul -

Psalm 103