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Started by Ronald, November 24, 2017, 12:52:50 PM

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Hi folks, just thought I'd give Steve a little mention and some praise..

I have known Steve for many years now, he has helped me a lot of times, just like he has help others..

But this week it all played out. A friend beast asked me to help him repair his forum. It was one hell of a mess it was, loaded with errors..

The first thing I needed to do was upgrade the forum from smf 2.0.13 to smf 2.0.15 the current version..After checking around and getting advice from other's, Steve says run the large upgrade. Well that was the answer..

First I removed the skins, next I removed the mod.'s. Took a look for newer versions of Mod.'s and installed them, reinstalled the smf skins..

Next I ran the repair_settings.php and changed all the urls on his forum..

His forum is now https:// and has Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate.

I got it all done except the SMF Arcade, I tried replacing codes where the errors were, but I ended up blowing the forum off I put the forum back to the way I had it, and asked Steve to take care of the SMF Arcade..

When that is installed, the forum will be complete..

It was a tough love with Steve, but he did manage to get through to me and teach me some good things. For this I give :Praise" to Steve..


Thank you very much, Ron!


  My forum is up and working very good now.   :party:   I want to tell both of you THANK YOU   :thanks3:

Thanks [you] for reading my post



He's also been a tremendous help at Cripzone and Surface Themes this year.

Thanks!  ;D