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Started by scilla, February 11, 2016, 08:04:22 PM

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Skhilled has gone above and beyond in his help for me and my board.   :banghead: I saw this icon and this is what I would have been doing had Skhilled not helped me.

Thanks, Skhilled for being so patient with my questions and comments!

Believe it or not, I have learned a LOT of "stuff" *smiles give you a hug* (if I may)


Welcome aboard, scilla! Glad things are working out. The whole point is to help people learn. ;)

Next you should make a test site: Creating A SMF Test Forum

Sorry, but I've forgotten to respond to your comment about Spam Blocker. It can be a tad complex. So, you may wish to install 2 other mods that have those features and are easier to use. Spam Blocker has the features of both of these mods and one more and is why it is a bit complex.

You will need to register at the two database sites so you can get an API Key that will link to your site. The mods use their databases of spammers and hackers against people who try to register at your site.

1. httpBL:

That is the link to the mod itself. Here's the link to the database site:

Project Honey Pot

You will also get a file that you must add to your main forum folder...the same one that index.php is in.

2.  Stop Spammer:

Here's the link to the database site:

Stop Forum Spam

You will only need to get the API Key from there. After you get the keys add them in the settings in your admin to get it started.


Yes he's good at helping others... this what keeps the keeps him happy! :)